Alliant Energy Corporation

 LEADING BY EXAMPLE: Commitment to Board Diversity

Patricia L. Kampling

Chairman, President and CEO

Alliant Energy consistently tops the WI 50 public company list with 50% female directors

Alliant Energy Corporation provides regulated electric and natural gas service to about 950,000 electric and 410,000 natural gas customers in Iowa and Wisconsin. With $3.3 billion in revenues, and close to 4,000 employees, Alliant Energy Corporation delivers energy solutions through its two public utility subsidiaries, Interstate Power and Light Company and Wisconsin Power and Light Company.


Why is diversity a priority for your company and for you personally?


Our ability to assess risk and plan for the company’s future depends a lot on our willingness to engage with each other and consider different points of view. Diversity is invaluable to that function because having people with a range of experiences expands the pool of ideas we consider. So we’ve built diversity into our company’s “core values,” and personally I’ve seen great value in bringing diverse perspectives together and encouraging people to contribute.


What is your plan to maintain a diverse board?


Our nominating and governance committee looks to balance the board with members having a variety of backgrounds, meaning diversity across age, gender, ethnicity, skill set, and experience. Our board members take advantage of this breadth of perspective when they interact, and the decision making is better as a result. That’s validating and self-reinforcing, and it creates a model for the rest of the organization.


 Do you believe a diverse board and leadership contribute to your bottom line?


Yes. Put simply, diversity makes us a stronger company. By embodying it we better reflect the real world, and it helps us anticipate changes in the business environment and quickly respond. When the Board and management have access to different points of view and the variety of ideas that brings, the company itself becomes more creative and innovative, ultimately leading us to the best solutions.