Gender Diversity: Leading By Example

In the last year, the percentage of women on Wisconsin public company boards increased by 0.7% from 16.9% to 17.6% an annual growth rate of 4%. While this is a positive improvement, and slightly above the U.S. median, a number of the top 50 Wisconsin public companies in the study were significantly above the average.

How did those companies and leading organizations in our 2017 research focus areas of healthcare, higher education and manufacturing, achieve such strong percentages? The answer is, they worked at it. Not only are they committed to diversity in the workplace, many of these best-in-class organizations ensure this commitment extends across the organization through action plans that define best practices and measure results.

Several of these companies are highlighted: Alliant Energy Corporation, ManpowerGroup, Inc, and Rockwell Automation, Inc.  We hope their experience and the results they have achieved will serve as a model for other leaders who are committed to advancing diversity and inclusion within their organization.

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