Take Action

There are multiple opportunities for you to have an impact on the diversity of corporate boards.

Get involved with Milwaukee Women inc
Milwaukee Women inc. welcomes to the Steering Committee individuals who share our passion for diversifying corporate boards and are in a position to contribute experience, contacts, or other resources to further MWis mission.  MWis Nominating Committee meets semi-annually to consider candidates sponsored by current MWi Steering Committee members.  For more information on member qualifications and the nominating process, contact MWi.

Know of an open board position?
While Milwaukee Women inc is not involved in recruiting board members for companies, we can certainly share potential openings with those in our network and through our website. Please e-mail MWi and pass on the lead, whether its for the company you work for or another.

Want to diversify your board?
If your company is looking to diversify its board, we can connect you with the resources to find a qualified candidate. Please let us know by e-mailing MWi.

Do you want to be on a board?
If you are someone with aspirations to serve on a corporate board, Milwaukee Women inc can help support your goal. E-mail MWi and depending on your skills and interest, well share our knowledge and help you make some key contacts through our participation in our events. MWi is not involved in recruiting or matching candidates to board postions.

Have someone to recommend?
Perhaps you know of someone who would be an outstanding corporate board member, speaker for a Milwaukee Women inc event, or who could contribute in some way to the MWi mission. Please e-mail MWi and share your recommendation.