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10 Questions Boards Should Ask at Every Meeting

Here are the most pressing queries for boards to be posing to management, according to Ram Charan and Dennis Carey, vice chairman of Korn Ferry. 

• What is keeping the CEO awake at night, and what can the board do to help?

• What are the top three to five priorities of management, and what is blocking them?

• Are the blockers surmountable? If not, why?

• Do we have the right team and a truly value-added board? If not, why are they still here?

• Do we know our competitors’ teams? Who are they? Are they better than ours?

• What threats can destroy us? Digital delay? Inflation? Wrong strategy? Disruptors? ESG?

• Are we aware of investor mix and what it portends?

• Are we smarter than the analysts? If not, why not? How can we correct that?

• Do we have cyber protection designed by real experts? If not, what can be done?

• Are we complacent? If so, how do we correct before obsolescence sets in?

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