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Independent directors New class of 2018

March 2019, EY Center for Board Matters

The EY Center for Board Matters took a close look at independent directors newly elected in 2018 by investors to Fortune 100 boards, and we are pleased to present the findings of our analysis of this “new class of 2018.”

The report analyzes what these directors bring to the boardroom and how companies are showcasing those strengths, based on a review of corporate disclosures highlighting the skills, expertise and backgrounds associated with these new nominees. In the third year of this series, we also reviewed the same 83 companies’ entering class of directors in prior years to enable consistent year-on-year comparisons. What follows is our perspective on the changes and trends we identified.

Our perspective: gradual change is underway

Given the limited number of board seats in the Fortune 100, and that newly added independent directors represent only around 10% of all independent Fortune 100 directors serving each year, boards appear to be making the most of these valuable board refreshment opportunities. We observe a continuing shift of attention from the more traditional director candidates (current and former CEOs) to individuals with a wider range of skills, expertise, backgrounds and personal characteristics — diversity across multiple dimensions. Nearly one-quarter of new directors were recognized for their experience in innovation, transformation and in navigating change, and 10% were highlighted for their ability to bring an investor perspective to the boardroom, including through experiences in asset management or active investment funds. Still, the limited opportunities for adding new directors mean that change continues to be gradual.



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