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MWi women named as 2019 Milwaukee-area power brokers

Congratulations to Milwaukee Women inc steering committee members Wendy Baumann, Cecelia Gore, Linda Gorens-Levey, Eve Hall, Jayne Hladio, Phyllis King, Amy Lindner, Emily Phillips. Joan Prince. Thelma Sias, Mary Ellen Stanek, Julia Taylor, and Peggy Williams-Smith on being names to the Milwaukee Business Journal’s 2019 Milwaukee-area power broker list.

What is a power broker? These are the people who others turn to when they need to get something done, whether it’s a business deal, community project or raising money for a great cause.

We put together this list, with input from our reporters and editors, along with many suggestions from Milwaukee Business Journal readers who answered a call for suggestions that put out in September.

All of the executives on our lists will be featured in our Dec. 6 issue where we will provide more information on why they are considered power brokers.

To view first group of power brokers, click here.

To view second group of power brokers, click here.

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