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The Key to Becoming a Corporate Director

Want to become a corporate director? There are several different tactics to make your dream to join a board a reality. So, it is not at all surprising that a frequently question is “How do I become a corporate director?”
Many financial officers aspire to become corporate directors. The chance to deal with the strategic and operational issues of another business is stimulating, while leveraging many years of front-line experience and transferring that as incremental value to another company is rewarding. Corporate boards deal with high-level strategic and management talent issues and these are challenging and intellectually fulfilling.
  • Networking with investors is the single best way to become a director.
  • Networking with current directors is also very productive.
  • Lawyers are another valuable source of introductions to board directorships.
  • Serving on a not-for profit board can lead to stronger director credentials and an expanded network.
  • There are a number of important groups that conduct director education. The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) is the leader in the field.
When an opportunity arises, be prepared to brief the interviewers on what you will bring to the table as a director. Know how you rank on the key attributes of a corporate director. Business experience, professional and collegial demeanor at the board table, good communication skills, financial acumen, along with an accomplished career that has exposed you to strategic and operational challenges.
One valuable resource for someone preparing to be a director is The Directors’ Handbook by Thomas J. Dougherty of Skadden Arps. To read full article, click here.

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