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We are a market network for women founders, board candidates and investors.

We are getting more women on boards and cap tables of companies of all sizes, including startups as a way to initiate or advance their board careers and help women entrepreneurs access funding and growth opportunities by leveraging advisory and governing boards through our Board Seat Exchange and our private investment club, The Back Room.

Women have a hard time getting on for-profit corporate boards. Starting as an advisor to a startup builds valuable experience and offers investment opportunities.

Our Vision

To democratize access to money and power in order to level the playing field for women and drive systemic change. By bringing differentiated networks together in a single community dedicated to creating and exchanging mutually beneficial opportunities, we will unleash an incredible amount of untapped wealth creation and innovation into the world. 

Our Mission

To build a community dedicated to increasing the number of women on boards and cap tables of women-led startups so we can initiate and advance for profit board careers and investment portfolios, empower women entrepreneurs and ensure women’s access to capital.  

Guiding Principles

  1. Women can initiate and advance their for profit board careers by serving on the boards of women-led startups.
  2. Women deserve the opportunity to close the equity gap by advising and/or investing in women-led startups.
  3. Women entrepreneurs need funding to spur sustainable economic growth and balanced innovation.
  4. Women-led startups can benefit from expert guidance, mature networks, and credibility to effectively raise capital.

To access website: https://thefourthfloor.co/home

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