In celebration of women and in recognition of International Women’s Day, Milwaukee Women Inc challenges leaders throughout our community to #BreakTheBias to advance inclusive leadership on corporate boards.

Milwaukee Women inc is an organization of professional women determined to change the face and quality of leadership in the Wisconsin business community by increasing the number of women corporate directors.

External Engagement

External Engagement

Working with the broader business and civic community to build relationships with key decision-makers

Member Engagement

Member Engagement

Serving the broader membership by providing meaningful connections and involvement



Benchmarking where we are and where we need to go


Providing resources for companies looking to place women on their boards and for women interested in serving on boards

Our Research

Since 2004, MWi has published an annual research report on the percentage of women serving on the boards of directors of the 50 largest Wisconsin public companies. Our 2021 research report, “Making an Impact,” shows the percentage of women on the boards of Wisconsin’s top 50 public companies has continued to increase. This year for the first time, we also included representation of Women of Color on Wisconsin’s top boards.

Read the full report here.

Making An Impact - 2021 Research Report

Wisconsin Top 50 Companies Executives

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