Milwaukee Women inc is an organization of professional women determined to change the face and quality of leadership in the Wisconsin business community by increasing the number of female corporate directors.


Benchmarking where we are and where we need to go


Educating the business community about the benefits of women on boards and in leadership


Providing resources for companies looking to place women on their boards and for women interested in serving on boards

Our Research

Since 2003, MWi has published an annual research report on the percentage of women serving on the boards of directors of the 50 largest Wisconsin public companies and organizations in key industries. Our 2018 research report, The Power of 3, highlights the connection between board diversity and greater financial performance and provides data on the increasing percentage of women on corporate boards and in executive positions.

Read the full report here.

Latest News

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Why Companies Need To Advocate For Their Female Executives To Join Boards
February 12, 2019

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