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Kim Stoll & Mara Swan guests at Rotary Club of Milwaukee meeting

Kim Stoll, MWi chair & vice president-sales at Badger Meter, was the guest speaker at Rotary’s luncheon meeting on Tuesday, November 15.

Kim shared MWi’s mission, why increasing the number of all women on boards is essential, and the 2022 research report data. Following her presentation, Kim participated in a panel discussion with Mara Swan. MWi member. Karen Hung, MWi member & president Rotary Club of Milwaukee, moderated the panel. The panelists provided insights on critical issues facing women in leadership today, the movement, and trends.

Mara Swan, Karen Hung, April Dunn, Marilyn Vollrath, Kristin Dufek, Nicole Pienkos, Cecelia Goe, Kim Stoll

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